Begging Your Pardon

            My mother-in-law lived with us for quite a few years. For the last years, I was working from home and when she fell and broke her hip, I became her caregiver. Over the years there were a few trips to the hospital. Most of those trips, I took her. When she broke her hip, … Continue reading Begging Your Pardon

Labor Day

            Labor Day Weekend already. The year is flying by. A year ago, I was counting the days until retirement. Now I can’t believe how many days it has been since I retired!             On Labor Day, I can’t help but think back on the jobs I’ve had over the years. For the most part, … Continue reading Labor Day

The Visit

            My brother and sister-in-law tried to tell us, but we paid no attention. The snickers behind the words of warning should have told us everything we needed to know. We brushed it off. Dismissed it. Said, “It will be fine.” Then it happened. My niece, her husband, and three children ages 10, 9, and … Continue reading The Visit

What’s Cookin’?

            If it was up to me, I’d get rid of every cookbook in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking, especially baking, but between cookbooks, recipe boxes, and recipes cut from magazines and shoved into notebooks and folders—most of which sound good but will never be made—it’s too much clutter. Of course, there are favorites that … Continue reading What’s Cookin’?

Yard Works

            Part of my inspiration for downsizing is that now that I am retired and have the time to take care of the yard, there are things I’d rather be doing with my time than taking care of the yard. We live in a rural neighborhood with large lots. We have at least an acre … Continue reading Yard Works


            Lately, I’ve been in downsizing/decluttering mode. Maybe it’s that being retired and at home, I see all the stuff we’ve collected over the years. It’s not that we’re hoarders, there’s just a lot of stuff we never use. Beside our own stuff, we have an in-law suite attached to our house. My mother-in-law lived … Continue reading Downsizing

Family and Friends

            It’s been five years now since my father passed. My mother needed a memory care facility. The house was sold, and my parents’ most personal items were brought to one of my brothers’ homes so we could go through it together.             I thought about many things while going through the remnants of my … Continue reading Family and Friends

Wingin’ It

            My morning walk was interrupted the other day when I got the text from my wife, “OMG, there’s a bird in the basement.” There are two sets of French doors going from our basement onto a patio. She was preparing to paint the trim in the basement and while taping around one of the … Continue reading Wingin’ It

’22 In Review

Part 6-the final look back             In the final years of my father’s life, he was on a bunch of medications—like 17 or 18 different meds. Most were for various ailments he was dealing with; others were to counteract the side effects of some of those medications. Some he had to take a certain amount … Continue reading ’22 In Review


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