Christmas 2021

            I got to work on Monday to receive a text from my supervisor that he was out sick, may have COVID. His test results came back positive the next day. My wife came home from work that night exhausted and congested, with a dry cough. She had a couple of days off, came home … Continue reading Christmas 2021

Labor Day

            Labor Day Weekend already. The year is flying by. While I like that my retirement target date is coming quickly, I don’t want to be wishing my life away. That being said, I have only around 85 days of work left. You know, if I was counting.             As the days of work come … Continue reading Labor Day

Shared Experiences

            With this Covid thing going on, I think people are more aware of cleanliness and safety. We maintain distance and wear masks, wash hands, get vaccinated, and do all the other stuff we’re so tired of hearing about. We don’t want to catch it ourselves or share it with anyone else. As the advertisements … Continue reading Shared Experiences

Check It Out

            I recall the days when people wrote checks. I’d be standing in the quick lane with my one or two items behind someone who had a cartful of groceries, often chatting away with the cashier while their order was rung up, bagged, and put in the cart. Then, once all of that was completed, … Continue reading Check It Out

Not An Exit

            This morning thoughts of my own mortality came to mind. Probably because my wife and I have been discussing retirement and that’s a subject that can only be avoided for so long. They were nothing particularly dark or depressing. Just thoughts. I wonder sometimes how and when. Hope it’s quick. Hope it’s not too … Continue reading Not An Exit


            The first time I gave my age any real thought I was driving, listening to a classic rock station, and they played a song from my high school days. “This is supposed to be a classic rock station,” I screeched. “That song isn’t old enough.” After a little more thought and with a heavy … Continue reading Classic


            I recently read an article about a 78 year old woman who deadlifts 400 pounds. She started lifting at the age of 65 and continues to break records for her age group.             Hearing about things like this encourages me. As I’ve said before, I don’t believe age has to be anything more than … Continue reading Uplifting


            Writing has always been my first love. In school I was l always ready to write something—story, book report, current events report, extra credit report to make up for not doing math homework. I’ve always enjoyed writing. As a young teen, like many that age, there were times I felt I wasn’t being treated … Continue reading Words

Relief, At Last

            My retirement has been set. February of 2022 is the end of work—if I stick around that long. That’s the worst-case scenario. I’d love to find a way to go before that but if not, that’s it.             The original plan was that I would work until I could get full Social Security, at … Continue reading Relief, At Last


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