What’s Cookin’?

            If it was up to me, I’d get rid of every cookbook in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking, especially baking, but between cookbooks, recipe boxes, and recipes cut from magazines and shoved into notebooks and folders—most of which sound good but will never be made—it’s too much clutter. Of course, there are favorites that get saved, but for anything a person could want to cook or bake nowadays, there are recipes online. You simply search what you want to make, and fifteen million possibilities come up.

            Unfortunately, many of those recipes are on cooking blogs. While the recipes sound good and the pictures look appetizing, you often must read through the bloggers life story to get to the actual recipe. Many a promising recipe has gone untried because I didn’t have the patience to read through the too many pages of commentary leading up to it.

            I must not be the only one who feels that way, as many blogs now have a place you can click to ‘jump to recipe.’ However, to make up for that convenience, you now have little advertisement windows that pop up in the middle of the recipe. You’re trying to read through the ingredients while chasing those stupid little windows away. Not once have I noticed what was being advertised. Only that it was annoying to have to go through that when all I want to do is find a new zucchini bread or try a different salmon recipe.

Then, when you think you’re finally at the end of those little windows, a whole page pops up saying “sign up for our newsletter . . .” Why would I want to do that when it’s so annoying to use your site? Goodbye!

            Maybe I’ll hold onto the cookbooks—for now.

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