Yard Works

            Part of my inspiration for downsizing is that now that I am retired and have the time to take care of the yard, there are things I’d rather be doing with my time than taking care of the yard. We live in a rural neighborhood with large lots. We have at least an acre just of lawn to be mowed. That’s the easy part. I still have the large mower I had when I had my lawn care business.

However, there are other areas around the property that I keep the grass, weeds, and undergrowth knocked down, but that can’t be mowed. I have to use a string trimmer. There are always tree branches to be trimmed, mulched areas that seem to attract weeds, garden areas that grow grass better than the lawn, shrubs in need of trimming—the list goes on. I’ve worked on golf courses and groundskeeping most of my life. At times I feel like I’m working harder at that now than I did before I retired.

            From where I sit, the morning sun shows brightly on grass that needs mowing, flowers that need deadheading, a baby pine tree that has popped up within carpet juniper, and crabgrass that has established itself in cracks in the sidewalk.

I know it’s only been a few months since I retired, but I imagined swinging a golf club, not swinging a string trimmer; of wandering a beach, not chasing a mower; of dozing in the afternoon with a good book, not collapsing at the end of another day of yardwork.

            In my downsized dream, my yard is small enough to require only a few swipes with a push mower—self-propelled, of course, and just a little string trimming. The whole thing would take, maybe, half an hour. The mulch beds surrounding the house would contain only a few slow-growing shrubs. And there would be a couple of tiny gardens—maybe with plastic flowers, so they would always be colorful and wouldn’t deadheading.

            Better yet, maybe I’ll just hire it done.     

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