Christmas 2021

            I got to work on Monday to receive a text from my supervisor that he was out sick, may have COVID. His test results came back positive the next day. My wife came home from work that night exhausted and congested, with a dry cough. She had a couple of days off, came home from work sick yesterday, and won’t be going in today, Christmas Eve.

Of course, when you’re around people who are sick, every little thing becomes a potential symptom. That clearing of the throat, that bit of congestion, that sneeze. Am I feeling warm because of the coffee or do I have a fever? Am I getting sick, too? Try as you might to keep them at bay and think only of health and well-being, those thoughts sneak in.

            I’ve had colds at holiday time in years past. Nothing makes a season brighter than being unable to taste or smell the once-a-year offerings at the table, to just want to sleep with all the festivities going on, or to be at someone else’s house where sneaking off for a nap isn’t even an option. So far, I’m doing fine. My wife is still under the weather.

            We’d been invited to a friend’s house for Christmas dinner. We call her mom #3. Their family and mine have known each other since the ‘60’s. She’s having family in from out of town, as well as some who have been away for quite some time. We’d planned on a visit but, while Christmas is about sharing, we don’t want to risk bringing and sharing any kind of illness.

            So, it appears this holiday will just be my wife and me beside the tree, huddled in blankets, asleep in our chairs in front of a Hallmark movie.

            Merry Christmas!

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